University of Southern California USC

A Global Artistic Vision

As the influence of the Pacific Rim rises, the world’s artistic vision is being transformed by globalization, revolutions in communication, growing diversity, evolving concepts of democracy and changing ideas surrounding creative expression. Nowhere is this seen, felt and heard more than in Los Angeles, the creative capital of the Pacific Rim.



The University of Southern California not only recognizes this new global reality, we strive to advance it. To make our ambitions clear, USC announces the creation of the USC INTERNATIONAL ARTIST FELLOWSHIP, a graduate fellowship for promising artists from across the Pacific Rim, Latin America and South Asia. The fellows will form a global network of artists whose impact will be felt well into the future.

In launching this fellowship opportunity, we are creating a new international arts community that celebrates diverse perspectives, artistic exchange and academic values. Taking advantage of Los Angeles as a center for creativity and emerging media, we offer a unique environment for artists to study and work along the city’s vibrant downtown corridor.




USC enrolls more international students than any other university in the United States, an attribute mirrored in Los Angeles which is home to established communities from around the world. USC has international offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Mexico City. We are committed to the notion that artistic practice and creativity are crucial to our mission and to the future of a world that is growing smaller before our eyes.




Together USC’s arts schools enroll well over 5,000 graduate and undergraduate students in degree programs and, including the USC Fisher Museum  and the USC Pacific Asia Museum, sponsor more than 1,000 recitals, performances, exhibitions, screenings, and lectures each year. We challenge all of our students to engage in the arts and humanities through curriculum, lectures and events. Our arts schools feed the global conservatory of Los Angeles.




You will be part of a prestigious arts community in an international metropolis. By interacting with fellow artists and scholars from around the world, you will develop broad perspectives that will inform your work. By living, studying and working in Los Angeles, you will see how the local and the global intersect, experiencing the international in a local context.

You will create the future through sound, image, space, movement, material, voice and words.

As a USC International Artist Fellow, you will be enriched in several ways.  Our principal objective is to support your growth as an artist, filmmaker, performer, dancer, director, playwright, musician, or architect.